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Testimonials / Quotes / Reviews: Graphic Design, Website Design and SEO

Backline Plus – Toronto, ON

Great Ranking in Google…

“In 2015, Backline Plus approached Roly Platt (Platypus Design) to improve our website’s ranking in Google. As well, we asked Roly to target a few NEW key phrases that were not ranking at all.

In a matter of weeks, we watched our site begin to climb. Now, one year later, we are ranking with an impressive 11 phrases in a “Top 10” position and 7 phrases in the “#1” position! This includes the important new key phrases that were targeted.
As a result of Roly’s very affordable SEO plan, we have seen an increase in “new business” and we are pleased with our ROI. I highly recommend Roly’s services.”

Gabor Szepesi
, Owner/Manager – Backline Plus

Backline Plus is a Toronto-based, full-service backline company – providing stage equipment and music gear to many of the largest stage productions in Ontario.

Shaw Bros. Inc. – Barrie, ON

“Shaw Bros. contracted Platypus Design to develop our new website – and implement and manage our on-site SEO strategies. We were promised a well designed, easy to navigate site that is easily found through a variety of Google search terms. Roly has delivered on all three counts (at a very reasonable cost as well).
A portion of our market includes clients worldwide, which made the task of “ranking well” even more challenging. We are pleased to say that our Google rankings have been excellent – 8 of our targeted keywords phrases in the TOP 10 and other phrases not far behind. This has led to new business and continues to be an important marketing tool for Shaw Bros.”

Ian Shaw
, Shaw Bros. Ltd., Barrie, ON

Midas Event Supply – New Jersey, NY

“Midas Event Supply has worked with Platypus Design on a number of our marketing initiatives over the past 7 years. In addition to the printed material they have designed, Roly and his team also developed our new e-commerce website – in 2010. Along with providing a great customer experience which will lead to conversions, the site also had to have a strong online presence, meaning it had to be easily found through search engines. This was a tall order, as Midas has a North American-wide client base and is in a highly-competitive market online. Roly’s careful SEO planning and monitoring is achieving consistently good search engine rankings on many of the targeted keywords and phrases we are aiming for.”
“I am very pleased with the quality of work, responsive service and his affordable SEO plan.”

Chris Creed
, Midas Event Supply

Lambert Painting – Stouffville, ON

“For the past 9 years, Platypus Design (Roly Platt) developed, and has been managing the SEO strategies for all three of my companies’ websites with great success. I was doubtful in the beginning that even a high-ranking site could match, let alone replace the traditional advertising I had always used – directories like The Yellow Pages etc., but it has. I am now spending significantly less money than I was on the various printed directories and new business keeps coming in through the websites.”

“Service is very good. Always helpful, always accessible.”

Dave Lambert, 
Lambert Painting

Loudon Electric, Barrie, ON

“I asked Platypus Design to create my website plus include an affordable Search Engine Optimization package as well. It was an excellent decision. Roly was very easy to work with and very receptive to all of my input. The timing, from conception to finished product was very fast. I am also very impressed with his inexpensive SEO plan. The Google ranking increase I now receive has been impressive.”
“I would highly recommend Platypus to other small business owners who would like an affordable website and SEO plan. It has been a valuable marketing tool for my business.”

Peter Loudon
, Loudon Electric, Barrie, ON

Tom Malone Photography – Toronto, ON

“Roly Platt designed and manages my Photography website which also includes his Google Ranking Services. I am very pleased at the overall improvement in my site’s rankings since the launch, particularly on a couple of specific keyword searches that I wanted to do well on. This ranking improvement has translated into new business – acquiring several new clients that found my company online through those search terms.”
“I recommend Platypus Design’s web development and SEO plan – very affordable advertising.”

Tom Malone
, Tom Malone Photography and Digital Retouching Toronto

Carswell – Toronto, ON

“As Creative Director & principal designer for Platypus Design, Roly Platt is not only a talented designer but a creative consultant as well – partnering with clients to develop a concept that sells the product.”

Lavern Walters, 
Marketing Manager, Carswell, Toronto

UCM Engineered Fuels Inc. – Barrie, ON

“We were very impressed with the logo created by Platypus Design. Not only did they meet our short deadline, they also delivered a quality product at a very reasonable rate. The owner, Roly Platt, seemed to know exactly what we were looking for and needed very little direction in order to come up with a great design. We will continue to use Platypus Design as our Company grows and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Mark Hamelin, 
 UCM Engineered Fuels Inc.

Natsil Consulting Inc. – Kitchener, ON

“As a new company seeking a professional image, we spent a lot of time pursuing a talented design firm to give us the edge we needed. After viewing Roly Platt’s impressive portfolio, we went ahead with a number of design projects. Throughout the process, we always found Roly to be pleasant and professional with the ability to deliver striking work in a timely fashion. On almost a daily basis we are asked who designed our company literature. We think that speaks for itself!”

Nathan Silverthorn
, Natsil Consulting Inc. Kitchener, ON

Student Techs Inc. – Mississauga, ON

“In 2000 our new company, Student Techs Inc. approached Roly Platt of Platypus Design to create a corporate identity that would capture the essence of our service in a very simple but dynamic fashion. We had also asked our existing agency to do the same so that we could compare and choose what worked best for us. After submissions were made, it was clear to our staff that Roly’s work was a “cut above”, combining simplicity, excitement and creativity in a unique design. His work appealed to us both from what the design communicated visually as well as emotionally. During our time working together on this project, Roly carefully listened to what our needs were, communicated throughout the project and delivered on time. It is with great confidence that I recommend Roly as an insightful and talented “translator” of ideas into visual designs.”

Chris Creed, 
Student Techs Inc. Toronto

Wright Ideas Inc. – Toronto, ON

“I have worked with Roly Platt (Platypus Design) over the past 11 years on a variety of advertising and design projects. I have always found Roly’s work ethic to be professional, dedicated and reliable. He has always delivered on schedule and has brought fresh ideas and designs to each project. He has added value to all projects in which he has been contracted. My experience with Roly has been such that I would not hesitate to continue using his services.”

Rob Wright, 
Wright Ideas Inc., King City