SEO (Google Ranking)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In other words: Ranking Well in Google.

The name of the game online is to be easily found by ranking high in Google and other search engines – found by potential customers who don’t know of you or the services your business offers. Without it, you are like an uncatalogued book on a library shelf, hoping someone might walk by and pick it up.

Affordable SEO – Really?

For small business owners, SEO plans are TOO EXPENSIVE – between $450-$1000 /month. Most owners of smaller sites just can’t justify that expense.

So How Do I Offer it for Less? – By Trimming Some Fat.

What Platypus Design offers is a “trimmed down” version of these expensive plans, aimed to help the small business owner market themselves on a budget. I have chosen to include only the most effective, proven on-site SEO strategies that really make the difference in your site’s ranking.

What I Provide:

  • High-frequency SEO Monitoring: Google is constantly revising its methods of ranking pages, hoping to produce the most relevant search-results possible. Your website needs to be in step, staying current with these changes in order to be competitive in the market place. I regularly monitor your site (daily initially, then weekly as ranking stabilizes) and make modifications where necessary to get the best results possible.
  • Monthly Reports: Ranking Reports (on the actual search terms in your site). These proprietary reports tell you at a glance how your site is actually performing on your own search phrases – (this information is not available using online services like Google Analytics).
  • Combination of Strategies: My SEO package employs a combination of extremely effective on-site SEO strategies which will give you a huge ranking advantage online – driving more business and a better ROI.

My SEO Guarantee:

You don’t pay unless you’re 100% satisfied with the results.

Simple as that!

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